Code of ethics that we share

About the current situation and the history of customer achievements.

Humility and transparency in all personal relationships.

Commitment and complete dedication to customer issues.

Absolute secrecy.

Everyone should feel honored and responsible for the trust that the customer placed at Donner & Prosper and the guidelines of its executives.

We are a company enterprise solution that delivers the service that was hired. This is a fundamental act that keeps us in the market.

Every contract is an opportunity of overcoming expectations, adding value and generating new business and wealth.

We do business, so there are no major contracts or clients than others.

The Donner & Prosper grows at the same rate that our solutions are excellence, applicability and generate customer growth.

All Donner executive grows observing this same proportionality of the facts.

Being a Donner & Prosper executive is top professional excellence, moral conduct and unshakable ethical and emotional and intellectual intelligence.

All Donner & Prosper executives should exercise humility and intelligent silence.